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The Pet Nanny

Sandy Ditto: Posted on Monday, March 19, 2012 4:36 PM


While taking some time off from a stressful job in a law firm, I decided to go horseback riding in England. I found a pet sitter willing to come to my home daily while I was gone to ensure my beloved Kitty had all the love and attention she needed while I was away. I had grown up around many different types of pets, and as I was writing a check to pay for the pet sitter's services upon my return, I suddenly thought "I could do that!" No sooner said than done, I founded The Pet Nanny in 2006 and since have been caring for pets in the Westlake, Avon, Avon Lake, Bay Village and Rocky River area. Here is another overview of the services I offer.

The Pet Nanny specializes in caring for your pets when you can't. I will come to your home and walk your dog, feed your pets, see they are exercised, and basically provide them with lots of tender loving care. I provide care for cats, dogs, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, lizards and just about any other type of pet you can imagine.

I customize my services to fit your individual needs. I can come to your home once a day, or as many as you need, fill in for you on an as-needed basis, or take care of your pets the entire time while you are away on vacation. Some clients call or text when they have to work late, want to go out to dinner, or a situation suddenly arises that prevents them from returning home when they had planned. One of my clients goes to Germany every year and I stay at her home for three weeks. Another has four little dachshunds who are like her children, so I stay at her home while she is gone and the "babies" all sleep in bed with me!

Most pets become upset when they are placed in a kennel. They are in an unfamiliar environment, their owners are gone, and their daily routine has been disrupted. My clients tell me that when they come home they find their pet just as happy and relaxed as if they had never left. The look in their pet's eyes and their pet's body language tells them that they not only received the care and attention they needed, but they had a good time too!

The Pet Nanny provides your pet with all the tender loving care they need and expect any time you have to be away from home. Call, text or email The Pet Nanny any time!



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